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painting by Frida Kahlo

CTIN 575 Fall 2022 Theme: “Self-love: Building resilience through oral histories”

Registration open to all disciplines. For 2022, we will continue to use interviewing, narrative medicine, and ethnography as our core methods. Our theme will shift to self-love, which directly connects to relationships and resilience. We will also explore how the intergenerational transmission of stories can contribute to resilience and place oral history interviewing more prominently as a method through our partnership with Andy Sacher and The Lavender Effect.  SYLLABUS Course… Read More »CTIN 575 Fall 2022 Theme: “Self-love: Building resilience through oral histories”

Neurotechnologies with Everyone

Develop Ethical Guidance for Open Neurotechnology. Join us on November 5th, 7pm EST to help draft ethical guidance for the open neurotechnology community! This event will be hosted on our Discord server to bridge professionals from the Annual Meeting of the International Neuroethics Society with our growing community of DIY neurotechnology practitioners. Workshop Description (6pm) Throughout the past decade, do-it-yourself (DIY) neurotechnology communities have expanded as a result of increased accessibility of… Read More »Neurotechnologies with Everyone

Brains and Games International Design Fiction Competition

We’re pleased to announce the Brains and Games International Design Fiction Competition, featuring a Brainstorming Workshop by Dr. Dimitris Grammenos. Save the date, spread the word. More details at

2020 End-of-Year Report

Dear CM&BHC Community,I am excited to celebrate the end of 2020, hoping that the bad parts are not a trailer for 2021. Despite the many challenges, grief, and losses, there were also many moments of celebration. And certainly, a lot of experimentation to survive. What are some* of the highlights of the year from our community? (I have been stalking you as best as I can…)The Brain Architecture Game went… Read More »2020 End-of-Year Report

EVENT: Livewire – A Stimulating Night of Neurotechnology

March 5, 2021 @ 4pm RSVP + DETAILS It’s 2045 in Los Angeles. While in-person social interaction has declined, direct-to-consumer biological enhancements are on the rise—including some that interface directly with the brain. In this brave new world, what new modes of human connection are being developed? A thriving corporation from the future, Mousai Neurotechnologies, invites you to a showcase of its latest advancement in social neurotechnology. Enabled by real brain-sensing headsets,… Read More »EVENT: Livewire – A Stimulating Night of Neurotechnology