CTIN 503 Interactive Entertainment, 
Science & Healthcare

Interactive Entertainment, Science & Healthcare CTIN 503 | SPRING 2020 | 2 Units Mondays 11am-12:50pm Instructor: Marientina Gotsis, MFA Open to all doctoral, graduates, and advanced undergraduates; hybrid instruction (5 online and 10 in-person classes) SYLLABUS PREVIEW The purpose of this course is to prepare students for transdisciplinary collaboration with teams of artists, designers, scientists, health professionals, and engineers, whose mission is to develop and evaluate interactive entertainment-based interventions aimed…

The Compassionate Technologies Summer School (2019)

The 2019 Compassionate Technologies Summer School was successfully completed. This is a joint program with the University of Crete. For an archive of the program and photos, please visit: http://map-courses.usc.edu/iml543/program-agenda/ The 2020 program (Transcendent Technologies) and details will be announced soon.    

New Summer Course – Apply by Feb 20

Compassionate Technologies Foundations & Practicum University of Southern California + University of Crete

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CTIN 503 Spring 2019 Interactive Entertainment, Science & Healthcare Now Open for Registration! Mondays 11-12:50PM Section 18411D | 2 Units INSTRUCTOR Prof. Marientina Gotsis, MFA Open to advanced undergraduates, graduate, and doctoral students. COURSE OVERVIEW This course will give students an overview of foundational concepts required for design, development and evaluation of interactive entertainment and transmedia-based interventions at the intersection of neuroscience, public health and medicine. Students will develop a…

COURSE: “Interactivity, Play, Choreography & Neuroplasticity” – FALL 2017

Transdisciplinary Media Design Practicum “Interactivity, Play, Choreography & Neuroplasticity” SYLLABUS “Dance, the art of human movement, on the surface appears nontechnologically inclined. It is the self–sufficient art.” – Judith A. Gray IML 543 | FALL 2017 | Section 37471R 4 Units | FRIDAYS 3-6:20PM @ SCI 209 Instructor: Prof. Marientina Gotsis, MFA | gotsis@usc.edu | office: SCI 201U Office hours: Fridays 1-2pm and by appointment A Themed Exploration. This course…