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Contracts & Grants


Southern California Burn Model System. National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR). 90DPBU0007. PI: H. Yenikomshian. 2022-2027.

Using Immersive Virtual Reality and Media Literacy to Enhance Adolescents’ Coping Skills in the Face of Traumatic Online Experiences. National Institutes of Health (NIH). NIH Office of the Director. 1R01HD115249-01. 2023-2028. PI: B. Tynes.

Diabetes Prevention Intervention for Latinos Combining Smartphone Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Artificial Intelligence. National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIH/NIMHHD). 3P50MD017344-03S3. 2023-2026. PI: D. Black.

Virtual Reality Memorial for Gynecologic Cancer Patients. Arts In Action Grants. University of Southern California. 2024. PIs: Guo/Gotsis.


“Here, My Voice 2 & 3”. Arts in Action Grants, University of Southern California. 2021-2023. PI: J. Hwang.

USC mHealth Collaboratory. USC Research Collaboration Fund. 2014-2020. PIs: D. Spruijt-Metz/B. Swartout.

USC SMART-VR Center. USC Research Collaboration Fund. 2019-2023. PIs: S. Liew, S./J. Finley/M. Gotsis/S. Rizzo/G. Fox/J. Pa

USC “Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science” (TCORS). FDA 2 U54 CA180905 2018-2023. PIs: M. Pentz/A. Leventhal

Design and development of a mixed reality system for skilled locomotor training in Parkinson’s Disease”. US National Institutes of Health, NIH R21HD088342. 09/06/2016-08/31/2019. PI: J. Finley.

The Brain Architecture Game”. Palix Foundation. 01/15/2015-09/31/2016. PI: Gotsis.

A mixed reality game for treatment and prevention of shoulder pain for individuals aging with spinal cord injury”. Craig Neilsen Foundation. Co-Is: M. Jordan-Marsh, P Requejo. 04/01/2015-03/31/2017. PI: Gotsis.

“Virtual sprouts: Web-based gardening games to teach nutrition and combat obesity”. US National Institutes of Health, NIH 1R25RR032159-01. 07/08/2011-03/31/2017. PIs: D. Spruijt-Metz/G. Ragusa/H.C. Lane.

USC “Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science” (TCORS). FDA P50-CA180905-01. 2013-2018. PIs: M. Pentz/J. Samet

Virtual reality and games for rehabilitation and awareness raising in aging with disability”. USC Undergraduate Research Associates Program Award FY 2016/2017. Co-PI: M. Jordan-Marsh. PI: Gotsis.

Skyfarer: A mixed reality game for individuals with spinal cord injury”. USC Undergraduate Research Associates Program Award FY 2015/2016. Co-PIs: M. Jordan-Marsh, P. Requejo. PI: Gotsis.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation National Clinical Scholars Program Design Award. RAND Corporation/University of California Los Angeles, PIs: C. Mangione/S. Berry. 12/ 2014.

Development of a Virtual Reality Training System to Improve Skilled Walking Ability in Stroke Survivors and individuals with Parkinson’s disease”. USC Undergraduate Research Associates Program Award FY 2015/2016. PI: J. Finley, Co-PI: Fisher/Gotsis.

“Fostering engagement, motivation and diligence in stem learning”. US Department of Defense, DoD W911NF-04-D-0005. 10/01/2012-4/23/2014. PI: H.C. Lane.

“Optimizing Participation Through Technology for Successful Aging”. US Department of Education, DOE/NIDDR H133E080024. 06/01/2011-09/30/2014. Pis: C. Winstein/P. Requejo.

“Center for Interactive Media Technologies in Healthcare”. USC Research Collaboration Fund.. 2012-2014. PIs: C. Winstein/C. Blanco. Co-PI: Lasch/Gotsis.

A Patient-Driven Rehabilitation System To Improve Upper Limb Amputee Outcomes”. 04/01/2012-9/30/2014. US National Institutes of Health, NIH 1R43HD072668-01. PI: R. Kaliki.

“Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute (SC-CTSI)”. US National Institutes of Health, NIH 5UL1RR031986-02. 07/01/10-12/31/2013. PI: T. Buchanan.

“Safety and Effectiveness Study of the Psychological Health Education Game”. US Department of Defense, DoD W81XWH-09-C-0070. 11/20/2011-06/30/2013. PIs: M. Jordan-Marsh/M. Gotsis/D.A. Baron.

“Transmedia Storytelling for Pediatric Injury Prevention”. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. 05/21/2012-12/31/2012. PI: Gotsis.

“Translational Research Using Advanced Techniques and Interactive Media in Research and Knowledge Dissemination”. USC Bloch Grant. 08/01/10-07/30/12. PI: M. Mor-Barak.

“Body Movement-based Social Games for Assessment and Rehabilitation of Sensorimotor Function”. USC Larson Grant. 06/01/2011-8/15/2011. PIs: M. Jordan-Marsh.

“Entertainment Technology Innovation for Prevention, Assessment and Treatment of Head/Neck Injury in Youth Sports”. USC Zumberge Interdisciplinary Fund. 2012-2013. PI: D.A. Baron/M. Gotsis.

“Brain Architecture of the Developing Child”. Harvard University. 10/01/2009-06/30/2011. PI: Gotsis.

“A Novel Approach to the Management of Childhood Obesity: Functional Family Therapy and Interactive Gaming”. USC CTSI Pilot Award NIH CTSI 5UL1RR031986-02. 11/01/10-03/31/11. PI: D.A. Baron.

“Stereoscopic Transmedia Storytelling”. US National Institutes of Health, NIH 5U10EY014472-09. 06/01/09-01/30/2011. PI: R. Varma.

“Effectiveness of Social Mobile Networked Games in Promoting Active Lifestyles for Wellness”. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation U-64448. 05/01/2008-09/30/2010. PIs: M. Gotsis/T. Valente.

Disclosure: This list does not include all intramural awards and privately sponsored projects.