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Active + Recent Projects

Games developed in collaboration with the Southern California Burn Model System, sponsored by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (PI: H. Yenikomshian).

people playing around a board game

Broadening Circles - A tabletop conversation game for fostering a shared understanding of patient-centered research. 



collage of four game concepts with diagrams and sketches

 PlayPen XR for Occupational Therapy - a suite of games for burn injury rehabilitation for occupational therapists and their patients.


Workshops, game and website developed by Marientina Gotsis, Laura Cechanowicz, Liz Hogenson, Julie Lutz, and Garrett Flynn, developed in collaboration with the SMART-VR Center, sponsored by the USC Collaboration Fund.

website screen capture and cards

The Rehab Futures Platform and Game

Official selection in Web Art category at Athens Digital Arts Festival 2022; presentation at Anticipation 2022.



illustration of drone robot holding various health-related items
Illustration by Julie Lutz

VR game platform developed in collaboration with the USC Locomotor Lab and the Neuroplasticity and Imaging Laboratory sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (PI: J. Finley).

collage of person in virtual reality gear and virtual environments of outdoor space
Wordplay game setup and virtual environment

Read our journal article.



Listen to brief overview of project explained by Dr. James Finley.



Student-led Research Projects

illustration of fantasy game with characters cards

Cards of Heart

A cozy role-playing card game for mental health promotion.

MFA Thesis team led by Marielle Brady

Sloan Grant Program Recipient

illustration of person holding a cactus on sidewalk


A single-player, browser-based narrative game about sexual health.

MFA thesis team led by Kaitlin "KB" Bonfiglio 

Sloan Grant Program Recipient
Games for Change Best Student Game 2023

drawing of cartoon hedgehog as broken mirror

Hedge Hug

A single-player narrative game about social anxiety.

MFA thesis team led by Claire Hu

photo of woman singing in a living room

Here, My Voice

A program to support hard-of-hearing persons to build confidence in their voice and help them explore its expressive power.

Doctoral practice project led by Juri Hwang

USC Arts in Action Grant Recipient

illustration of female character as angle with festival award logos


An interactive narrative that puts you in the role of a pediatric nurse.

MFA Thesis team led by Francesca Palamara

Brazil Independent Games Festival Winner
Indiecade Festival Nominee