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Vision + Mission

Our Vision & Mission
The vision of CM&BHC builds on USC's existing academic strengths and unique reputation within the creative and technology industries to serve as an incubator for innovation in the use of entertainment applications at the intersection of behavioral science, medicine, and public health. It is the mission of CM&BHC to increase public awareness of critical issues in mental health and behavioral science and to provide hands-on creativity-based educational opportunities for health researchers and practitioners. To achieve this mission, CM&BHC pursues and develops innovative clinical, research, and commercial applications with multidisciplinary teams of faculty, students, staff, and partner organizations from academia, industry, government, and healthcare. CM&BHC relies on sponsorship from individual, foundation, federal and international organizations to support infrastructure, research, and production.

Industry Partnership
We welcome other types of collaborations and recommend that you review the University Industry Demonstration Partnership Guide for Researchers if you haven't partnered with a university in the past. If you are a sole proprietor or small business, we can partner through federal small business grant research opportunities.