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2020-1-16 | Romper | URL
This Interactive Plush Works With Your Kid’s Tablet For A Full Sensory Experience
Written by Abi Berwager

2020-3-26 | Los Angeles Times | URL
From my coronavirus quarantine, a love letter to video games
Written by Todd Martens

2020-4-24 | USC Annenberg Media | URL
Businesses, apps shift focus to help students in a time of quarantine
Written by Jarrod Castillo

2020-8-4 | USC News | URL
A trio of faculty members explore how VR can help combat neurological diseases
Written by Chandrea Miller


2019-4-8 | USC News | URL
For Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, thoughtful design can have big impact
Written by Joanna Clay

2019-10-13 | Los Angeles Times | URL
IndieCade shows that the whole world is a game platform
Written by Todd Martens

2019-11-27 | NY Times | URL
Let’s Give Them Something — Anything — to Talk About
Written by Dani Blum


2018-7-17 | Variety | URL
Video Game ‘Healing Spaces’ Wants to Change the Way We Treat Dementia
Written by Jason Fanelli

2018-8-23 | USC News | URL
A game like no other: Healing Spaces targets Alzheimer’s, dementia patients
Written by Joanna Clay


2017-11-15 | USC News | URL
Gaming and physical therapy come together for unique research in the U.S. and beyond
Written by Joanna Clay

2017-5-6 | Charlottesville Tomorrow | URL
Brain Architecture Game shows importance of support, positive experiences
Written by Josh Mandell

2017-4-5 | Arizona Education News Service | URL
The impact that adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress have on students
Written by Lisa Irish


2016-9-26 | USC News | URL
Virtual reality-based rehab system could one day help people with Parkinson’s
Written by John Hobbs

2016-10-3 | VR Fitness Insider | URL
VR Based Rehab System Has Promising Impact on Parkinson’s
Written by Raphael Konforti

2016-10-4 | Scientific American | URL
Are Virtual Reality Headsets Safe for Children
Written by Edd Gent, Live Science

2016-6-29 | Hardcore Gamer | URL
Octobo is an Outrageously Adorable Mobile Game
Written by Marcus Estrada

2016-4-11 | The Guardian UK | URL
Swings, slides, and iPads: the gaming companies targeting kids’ outdoor play
Written by Tim Smedley


2015-5-1 | Gamasutra | URL
Stress Analysis in Games and Engaging Play
Written by Nicholas Wojtyna

2015-4-8 | Games GX Brazil | Video Interview 
Health in Games
Produced by Signum Game Studio

2015-4-8 | Psychiatry Advisor | URL
The Role of Video Games and Virtual Reality in Psychiatric Treatment
Written by Marientina Gotsis and Dave Baron

2015-5-08 | USC News | URL
Cinematic arts alum looks at the future of game design
Written by Eileen Kwon


2014-6-12 | Newsweek | URL
Healthcare by Nintendo
Written by John Ericson

2014-2-14 | Daily Trojan | URL
World Jam Inspires Hope for Youth
Written by Grace Goodrich


2013-2-6 | Wired UK | URL
Horror game Nevermind uses your heart rate to set the difficulty
Written by Philippa Warr

2013-11-13 | USC News | URL
Video Game Provides Lift for Wheelchair Users
Written by Eric Lindberg

2013-5-1 | Men’s Health News | URL
3 Weight-Loss Apps That Work
Written by Kasey Panetta

2013-4-23 | Science Omega | URL
Social gaming can promotes healthy behavior
Written by James Morgan

2013-4-20 | DNA India | URL
Gaming your way to good health

2013-4-20 | Pychology Today | URL
4 Keys to Creating Healthy Behavior
Written by Christopher Bergland

2013-4-18 | USC News | URL
Social gaming promotes healthy behavior, reveals new research from USC
Written by Suzanne Wu

(Also in Health News, Counsel& Heal, eScience News, Third Age, La Stampa, Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, RedOrbit, Yahoo! India, Manorama, Deccan Herald, Daily Bhaskar & other media)

2013 (March/April) | The New Physician (subscription URL)
Healthy Entertainment
Written by JoAnna Haugen


2012-10-28 | USC School of Cinematic Arts News | URL
Game Therapy: The Creative Media and Behavioral Health Center hosts showcase for cutting-edge projects
Written by Valerie Turpin

2012-01-27  (First airing) |  WealthTV | PREVIEW
Focal Point: Video Game Empire
Produced by Pamela Glennon

2012-01-06 | The Nation | URL
This Week in Poverty: TANF Is Broken
Written by Greg Kaufmann


USC Games for Health Initiative

2011-4-26 | Daily Trojan | URL
Merging cinema and technology
Written by Laura Cueva

2010-12-15 | USC School of Cinematic Arts News | URL
Pluff in the Middle East: Interactive Media Used to Help Children with Autism

2010-12-9 | USC News | URL
Smartphones, Videogames Let Public Monitor Health
Written by Eddie North-Hager

2010-10-05 | USC News | PDF
Selling Health Through Entertainment
Written by Eddie North-Hager

2010-10-04 | NewsBytes | USC School of Social Work | PDF
USC Video Game Wins Big in Healthy Kids Apps Competition Launched By First Lady
Written by Eddie North-Hager

Summer 2010 | USC Trojan Family Magazine | URL
USC Got Games

2009-07-01 | FastCompany | URL
How Body Sensors Are Gaming the Health System
Written by Kate Rockwood

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