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CM&BHC incubates, produces, and consults for several ongoing projects in-house, or through our partnerships. The Center pursues sponsorship opportunities for design, development, deployment, and assessment, as well as gifts toward specific projects or general operations. The directorate and steering committee prioritize opportunities based on alignment with the vision and mission of the Center and its active initiatives. The Center contributes to community mentorship opportunities through a wide range of activities, which may include match-making, one-on-one consultation, or other pro-bono activities.

CM&BHC initiatives represent the broadest descriptions of how our mission is manifested. Projects are prioritized based on a combination of factors, including potential impact and benefit to society, and overall alignment with current Center priorities.

  • Sports and Exercise for Wellness: investigation of novel assessment and treatment techniques using entertainment and technology for the improvement of health outcomes related to obesity, nutrition, and physical activity
  • Healthy Brain Architecture: production and dissemination of innovative storytelling products toward the promotion of healthy behavior for brain development and affect regulation during the entire human lifespan
  • Social & Sensorimotor Play: investigation of novel assessment and treatment techniques using interactive play for improving social skills, visuospatial navigation, and motor coordination in physical space
  • Games for Health: promotion, development, and assessment of innovative games with behavioral health applications
  • Storytelling for Mobile Health (mHealth): mobile interactive entertainment with general health and wellness applications, or a specific chronic illness focus
  • The Future of Healthcare: re-imagining the patient/user/player experience within and beyond healthcare settings
Skyfarer @ SIGGRAPH 2013

Skyfarer @ SIGGRAPH 2013