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Spring 2024 Courses open to NON-MAJORS

Interactive Entertainment, Science & Healthcare – 2 units


18411D | 11:30-1:20pm | Mondays

This course will give students an overview of foundational concepts required for designing, developing, and evaluating interactive entertainment and transmedia-based interventions at the intersection of neuroscience, public health, and medicine. Students will develop a unique transdisciplinary perspective of intervention rationale and impact related to wellness, illness, and resilience, following a trajectory of critical periods of life and living. They will develop essential abilities of reading, writing skills, and experience analysis and synthesis skills.

Research Methods for Innovation, Engagement, and Assessment – 2 units


18421D | 12:30-2:20pm | Fridays

This course will give students an overview of introductory and intermediate mixed methods that are appropriate for planning different study designs. Students will develop an understanding of how to plan, design, analyze, present, and report a study. In addition, they will develop an understanding of how to: perform a scoping literature review, conduct basic qualitative and quantitative analyses, design surveys, choose validated instruments, operate within an ethical framework, and understand disciplinary norms, including peer review. Students will have the opportunity to hear from experts from a diverse professional environment on topics such as: as big data, participatory research, co-design, games user research, games for impact, content analysis, and more.

Open to advanced undergrads, grads and doctoral students. Taught by Prof. Marientina Gotsis, MFA.

The courses will be taught hybrid: available both in-person and via Zoom. Instruction is synchronous, with approximately half of the classes requiring real-time interaction in-person or via Zoom so plan accordingly.

D class Assignments for undergraduate and graduate courses are available by emailing with student ID, section number(s), current major, and class year/standing.┬áIf you do not register for a class for which you have D-clearance by the registration deadline, your D-clearance will EXPIRE. School of Cinematic Arts “R” courses change to “D” in the third week of classes, and require both instructor and departmental approval.