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CTIN 575 Fall 2022 Theme: “Self-love: Building resilience through oral histories”

painting by Frida Kahlo

Registration open to all disciplines.

For 2022, we will continue to use interviewing, narrative medicine, and ethnography as our core methods. Our theme will shift to self-love, which directly connects to relationships and resilience. We will also explore how the intergenerational transmission of stories can contribute to resilience and place oral history interviewing more prominently as a method through our partnership with Andy Sacher and The Lavender Effect. 


Course Overview: 

Students will participate in lectures and labs that focus on one or more emerging research methods that are translatable to a new problem space. Students will be introduced to the methods and how these were developed and used in previous cases, and will then be asked to apply these methods to a new set of challenges. These challenges may be proposed by the students and could be aligned with their current projects, or be set by the priority areas and partnerships of the lab. The types of deliverables expected are instruments, datasets, reports, and prototypes that are both qualitative and quantitative. Students will be working together as a group in the lab or in the field as needed. Students will also acquire standard skills in ethics and the challenges of dealing with sensitive topics and vulnerable populations.