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As of summer 2015, we are pleased to announce the launch of two new unique degree programs. Interested students should contact Prof. Marientina Gotsis ( or Collin Kelly (

The Master of Arts in Cinematic Arts (MA) with an emphasis in Media Arts, Games and Health is administered by the Graduate School in conjunction with the Creative Media & Behavioral Health Center. This is a highly selective program that provides intense and personalized mentorship to each student.

  • The goal of the curriculum is to provide integrative research and practice-based training to enable students to combine prior/concurrent education and experience toward design, development, and evaluation of health- and wellness-related interventions that incorporate entertainment media experiences (film, games, virtual reality, mobile media, public interactives, transmedia, and emerging genres).
  • This non-terminal degree can also be completed as a progressive (for current USC undergrads) or dual degree and is aimed at scientists, health professionals, and artists who wish to acquire applied arts and research training en route to a research, clinical, or industry career.
  • Key highlights:
    • non-terminal degree, 1-2 years
    • progressive/dual, 30-36 units
    • best for generalists/scientists/health professionals/polymaths
    • integrative project required (1-2 semester)

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Interactive Media with an emphasis in Games and Health is administered in conjunction with the Creative Media & Behavioral Health Center.

  • This emphasis aims to provide specialized training and hands-on experience to enrolled MFA students toward design, development, and evaluation of interactive entertainment for health and happiness.
  • This terminal degree is aimed at artists, media makers, storytellers, and technologists who wish to develop original works and develop new genres. Careers of graduates include senior designer, producer, or faculty.
  • Key highlights:
    • terminal degree, 3 years
    • cohort-based, 50 units
    • best for artists/designers/producers
    • thesis project required (2-3 semesters)

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