COURSE: Spring 2012 on “Translational Research Methods: Interactive Media & Informatics”

We are pleased to offer this seminar class to USC doctoral students, which is scheduled for 1-3.50pm on Mondays for 3 units.

Emerging research methods using interactive media, informatics and translational science within global interdisciplinary practice and policy settings, toward measuring and improving environments of social relationships. This course is an elective in the SOWK doctoral program and open to doctoral students in all disciplines (with instructor’s permission).

This course is a seminar format with experts, hands-on technology demonstrations, field trips and group dialogue. A contemporary synthesis of neuroscience literature will provide the groundwork for designing, conducting and evaluating research aimed at measuring, improving and learning about the environment of human relationships. Emerging research methods (design, data collection, analysis, dissemination) are explored across all forms of interactive media (for example, games, virtual reality, mobile devices, social media, online questionnaires). In addition, translational informatics including personal health records, folksonomies, cloud computing and collaboration tools will be explored. Students will be mentored to develop and integrate course insights and new methods into their current and future research and practice.

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