FEATURE: Healthy Eyes Through Stereoscopy

Playtest of “Enchanted Garden” conducted by Yasaman Hashemian on a Microsoft Surface

Did you know that the CM&BHC team is a big fan of stereoscopy? We consider ourselves stereopaths and when the occasion calls for it, we try to work in some real 3D into our world.  This year, we completed a pilot collaboration with the Multi-Ethnic Pediatric Eye Disease Study (MEPEDS), an epidemiological study funded by the National Institutes of Health. The study measures vision acuity and eye disease in children under the age of six. Principal Investigator Dr. Rohit Varma and his incredible team helped contribute to development of three novel transmedia products that could be used to communicate the importance of healthy vision. We created a stereoscopic comic strip, a stereoscopic video and the stereoscopic game for Microsoft Surface entitled Enchanted Garden. Professor Perry Hoberman screened the video A Whole New World of Space at the 8th Annual 3D Fest. In Enchanted Garden, Lefty and Righty seek little creatures with their magnifying glasses. When they see them through their lens, the creatures become enchanted for a little bit until the characters become distracted in search of something more exciting, a bee, a frog, a bird–who knows? The Microsoft Surface table is installed at the MEPEDS Alhambra clinic. This project was also supported by the MxR Lab and a Microsoft grant.

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